16 Week Total Body 180


This is for you if:

  • You are TIRED of the overwhelm when it comes to knowing what to eat and when to eat it. 
  • Struggle to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Experience energy crashes, get hangry and/or have cravings.
  • Sick of being dissatisfied when you look in the mirror
  • Feel held back by your energy levels, weight or confidence
  • The plans you’ve done before aren’t working
  • Gain weight out of nowhere or regain weight easily

What You Get

Weekly Nutrition Breakdown

Our evidence-based nutrition program offers a simplified approach to create lasting success within your fat loss journey

  • ProFlex Macro Method: Flexible protein-focused done-for-you nutrition plans, recipes and grocery lists to decrease decision fatigue and overwhelm from planning healthy meals.
  • ​Perfect healthy meal formula
  • ​Crush your cravings and transform your snacking​
  • ​Weekends/Holidays/Travel. Balance living your life and reaching your goals
  • ​Gut Health and weight loss
  • ​Nutrition and mental health
  • ​Ignite your metabolism
  • ​Reduce stress and anxiety

Total Body Fitness

For 16 Weeks you'll follow our proven program designed to increase your strength, build lean muscle, boost metabolism and shed body fat.

  • Peach Plan:  This is our strength program designed to take you from feeling squishy to strong
  • At-home or in a gym
  • ​Easy to follow
  • ​Challenging designed to take your fitness to the next level
  • ​Beginner to intermediate
  • ​Build a solid core​​

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Join us for our weekly group coaching calls on Zoom where you'll receive personalized coaching, accountability, and the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment. 

  • ​Food log feedback
  • Habit change coaching
  • ​Fitness and form coaching
  • ​Helping you create solutions for challenges
  • ​Creating the perfect fit nutrition plan for your schedule​

Client Results

"I had gotten as far as I could on my own. This is something you can truly stick with. I have more confidence and energy."

"I had done weight watchers in the past and have pretty good results with that but it came to a standstill. This program has changed the way I look at food and myself in the best way possible. It's what I was missing even though I had a gym membership and had done all kinds of diets. I thought that you were going to just tell me to cut carbs and quit eating peanut butter but you truly focus on fueling your body and mind. And I LOVE the meal plans, the variety, the simplicity and the grocery lists!"

"I've been with you for 4 months now and I finally feel like this is how life is supposed to be. Not constantly stressing over food or the scale, just living! The workouts are doable and push me! I'm loving the journey and that has never really been the case before either, you all make the difference!"

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